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Web or Windows Based Banking Software?

Many banking professionals ponder the age-old question: Web or Windows Based Banking Application?

The answer? It depends on 'Centricity'.

Centricity refers to the location of data. Simply defined, centricity refers to whether your data source is bank-centric or customer-centric.

The application should be housed on the 'same side' as the data source, to maximize integration and minimize bandwidth requirements. Of course, other secondary factors may assist in your decision making.

When to use a web based banking system:

If data are stored at the bank, and the base functionality is to report data in one direction - from the bank to the client, then your application is bank-centric. Therefore, you may be best suited for a web-based (bank-centric) system.

This system:
• Maximizes the integration and automation capabilities of the application;
• Allows for instant updates of changes or modifications to your data structure or storage facility, as you are using a centralized web-based application;
• Minimizes 'roll-out' costs, as your customers can easily use an industry standard web browser.

Unfortunately, web-based systems cannot be easily automated and integrated with a traditional Windows accounting package (Quickbooks, Great Plains, SAP, etc.), or with any other Windows based payroll, billing or industry specific system.

When to use a Windows (traditional) based system:

If data are stored at the customer, and the base functionality is to report data in one direction - from the customer to the bank, then your application is client-centric. Therefore, this may be best suited for a traditional Windows based (client-centric) system.

Examples of data storage at the client site and transmitted to the bank include:
• ACH transactions
• Credit Card transactions
• Payroll
• Positive Pay (anti-fraud reporting)

Always use a Windows based system to easily integrate to other systems that are also local and Windows based - such as your accounting package.

This allows for local processing, such as:
• Transaction selection
• Reporting/Review
• Correction (as needed) prior to transmission to the bank

Using the same platform, Windows, as the existing application, not only allows for full integration, but also:
• Full automation
• Utilizes existing network security infrastructure
• Minimizes bandwidth usage over the Internet
• Reduces Internet based challenges (downtime, firewall/perimeter security, data integrity/security during transmission)

In essence, the reasons to use a web-based application when data are stored at the bank also apply to a Windows based application when the data are stored with the customer.

For some, the best of both worlds may be: Remote Desktop.

But what about remote computing, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and other advantages offered by centrally locating the application within the client's location?

You can use a web browser, or other common interface, to access the program without installing the software on each user's desktop.

Citrix MetaFrame allows for corporate users to 'roll-out' applications without installing the application on the user's workstation.

Using this remote computing approach -the Citrix Server as an application server -there are a number of control advantages, as well as cost savings in maintenance and other areas of TCO.

What about trying to 'force' a client-centric application into a Website?

The result would likely be low customer acceptance and participation, due to the lack of integration and increased work required on the customer's part.

The best use of a web portal, for these applications, is the web upload feature. Tools for integration, record selection, review and file creation are nonexistent.

About Treasury Software
All Treasury Software products can be installed:
• Windows (traditional-standard),
• Microsoft SQL Server (multi-user), or
• Citrix MetaFrame Server (multi-user) for remote access to clients via the standard Citrix client or web interface.

Internet Transmission and Security
In addition, Treasury Software products can facilitate transmission via:
• E-mail
• Upload via Web Portal
• Modem for private networks

• PGP - Both Encryption and Signing (simultaneous)
• Firewall - Local and Remote
• Remote Port (FTP) assignment

Treasury Software is a leading provider of client-side file creation and transmission software for ACH, Positive Pay, as well as bank reconciliation and custom cash management solutions. Designated a Verified for Windows XP software application by Microsoft, Treasury Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Winner of the Gold Cup Award from CPA Software News, Treasury Software products are easy to use, secure and cost effective.

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