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ACH Universal™ Features

"It is a pleasurable experience working with people who obviously know what they are doing. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone." - Caledonian Bank & Trust

Treasury Software's ACH Universal™ provides an automated, secure, easy-to-use solution to create and transmit ACH files in any NACHA format.

Whether creating a file to pay employees or vendors, collecting funds from customers, or simply transferring funds between accounts, ACH Universal provides a wide range of unique features.

While most of our clients only require a few of these features, others need more advanced capabilities. ACH Universal meets the needs of businesses and banks of all sizes. Here is a sample of our unique features:

Note: Not all features are included in each edition level (Please see comparison chart).

ACH File Creation  
Balanced Files (offsetting records) You can include an 'offset' record within each ACH batch if required by your bank.
Bank Independent Create and transmit ACH files to an unlimited number of banks.
Addenda Records An addenda record contains additional information regarding the transaction. ACH Universal supports full pass-through addenda information for PPD+, CCD+ and CTX.
Multiple Formats Create and transmit files in any NACHA format including ARC, CTX Pass-thru, POP, RCK, TEL, WEB.
Tax Payments (TXP) Use the TXP format or EFTPS system to make Federal tax payments. Note: ACH Universal does not reformat the addenda records. We can assist you in formatting your records to the detailed requirements of any governmental agency (optional).
Importing Data  
Fully integrated with all major accounting, payroll, billing and industry-specific packages ACH Universal is installed at your location, not an internet site, and therefore can be fully integrated and automated with your existing system.
Recurring and one-time transactions One-time payments and collections - Allows for 'as-you-go' transactions without creating a profile for each recipient.
Recurring payments and collections - For those accounting packages that do not store account and routing/ABA numbers, ACH Universal creates profiles to hold this information.
Single Entry and Batch Import All transactions can be imported in batch, or entered manually, regardless of the transaction method used.
In addition, customer, employee and vendor profile information can be imported in batch, or entered manually.
Universal Importer ACH Universal can import from virtually any accounting, payroll or billing package. It can import from Excel, Access, comma delimited text files (csv) or fixed width text files.
Copy and paste from Excel In addition to performing a 'traditional' file import, you can 'Copy and Paste' directly from Excel into ACH Universal.
Edit window for un-transmitted records Allows for transaction correction prior to transmittal.
Corporate Transfers
Point and Click Transfer Transfer funds between corporately controlled accounts in different banks. This feature if often utilized by multi-location companies wishing to consolidate ('roll-up') funds from depository accounts held in various banks.
BAI2Excel™ Allows you to receive balance information from your bank in BAI format, and convert it into tabular format for review, and/or further import into secondary (accounting) systems.
Transmit via FTP, email, web, or 3rd party software (modem) Transmit ACH files automatically and unattended via FTP, email and modem (modem software not included). For web transfers, allow ACH Universal to open an Internet Browser directly to the login page of the bank web portal and prompt your user to upload.
One-click retransmit Regardless of the reason (Internet connection down, bank lost file, etc.), you can retransmit the exact file again with one click.
Email notification to recipients Notify customers, employees and vendors that an ACH transaction has been scheduled. Provide detailed remittance information on their personalized email. Includes email body/text templates.
Full reporting capability, with Export to Excel and HTML ACH Universal can export industry standard reports, as well as user ad hoc reports to the screen, printer, Excel or HTML.
ACH2Excel™ - Professional Convert ACH files to a tabular format for reporting or further processing into an accounting system. Fields include: effective date, amount (signed), account number, ABA number, individual name and individual ID. For advanced conversion features see Banking.
Encryption - PGP Files are encrypted and signed with industry standard PGP encryption, including all Bank of America FTP transmissions.
Advanced Internet security transmission features Advanced security features include: SSL (Secure Socket Layers), custom port address, firewall - local and remote.
Full audit trails A full audit trail is created for each record - from import to transmission.
Password The application can be 'locked down' at the desktop access level with built-in security.
SQL Server For maximum database level security, we highly recommend our SQL Server version, which enables you to apply your own corporate security policies.
Privacy Users can view, print, and export only the last four digits of a transmitted account number. They can never obtain an account number through the system. However, data imports and outputs (ACH files) do contain full account information.
Advanced Security  
User Level Access Control Enables administrators to grant/revoke access to the various features of ACH Universal.  Excellent tool for enterprise-wide installations where segregation of duties is crucial.
Multi-user Capability Using the SQL Server and Citrix platform, multi-user access is available.
Remote Access - Citrix 'Off-site' and enterprise-wide solutions are available using Citrix MetaFrame server.
Easy Steps - Help A highly intuitive program layout guides your users to complete the task at hand. In addition, context sensitive help is available at every step.
Archive/Restore - Advanced Cleanup records to an archive database. Unique archive feature - research can be performed directly on the archive file. You do not need to restore it to the original source file.
Control Panel - Automate with Built-in scheduler Automate selected processes from the Control Panel for unattended execution.
Command line interface Advanced command line interface allows the user to specify the source file and output file. This feature is used when automating/triggering the process from a third party software package.
Custom Import Menus Automate importing of groups of files into one or more accounts for processing. Afterwards, the imported files can be automatically moved to another directory for proper archiving and preserving the audit trail. The 'point and click' interface eliminates the vast majority of custom work needed to be performed for a fully automated solution.
Client/Departmental transactions
Multiple origination account handling Create one ACH file containing transactions from multiple origination accounts. This feature is typically used by payroll processors and others in fiduciary environments - like health benefits administrators, CPA's - where there are multiple client origination accounts.
IT/Custom Solutions
Platform for Custom Solutions Custom Solutions are available. For more information about Treasury Software's Custom Solutions, click here.
One Click Updates Updates can be obtained directly from the main menu of ACH Universal.
For Banks (they're our clients, too):
Fedline® Compliant Switching from an older version of Fedline to Fedline Advantage? You'll need to create your origination file prior to uploading. Use our software to create your ACH-NACHA compliant file.
Notification of Change Acquiring another bank? You'll need an automated tool to create mass notification of changes to the originators transacting with your newly acquired client's accounts. Handles an unlimited number of routing numbers.
Can also create NOC's for normal daily use. Point and click interface for easy use - with listing of all change codes.
Returns Create return records (insufficient funds, etc...) for transactions against your customer's accounts. Point and click interface for easy use - with listing of all return codes.
On Us Separate out 'on us' transactions and export to a comma delimited file. Handles an unlimited number of routing numbers. (coming soon).
ACH2Excel™ - Banking Convert common NACHA formatted files to Excel. Fields include those in ACH2Excel - Professional, plus 20 additional fields. Typically used when receiving ACH files as an import source and there is a need to consolidate them.
EDI Engine for CTX Create CTX with full-EDI. Supports EPN STP 820, 820f and other ANSI ASC 820 transaction sets. Used in transmitting multiple remittance documents with one payment. Includes the EDI engine.
EDI2Excel™ Converts EDI 820 transaction sets to a tabular format, such as Excel. Used when receiving EDI information from your bank, and converting it for further processing - such as importing into an accounting system to offset Accounts Receivable for amounts received. Also commonly known as 'Straight Thru Processing'.

Note: Not all features are included in each edition level (Please see comparison chart).

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