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BankRec™ Specifications

Treasury Software's Treasury Management Software provides an automated, secure, easy-to-use solution to quickly perform reconciliations from virtually any file source.

Whether simply matching disbursement records or reconciling a credit card account with multiple merchant ID's, our treasury management software provides a wide range of unique features.

Although most of our clients only require a few of these features, others need more advanced capabilities. Our treasury management solution meets the needs of businesses and banks of all sizes. Here is a sample of our unique features:

Treasury Management SoftwareMatching Records
Automated Transaction Matching (ATM) Using two sets of data (typically bank data and internal data) this engine matches up to 4,000 records per minute, based on user selected matching rules. The ATM can be scheduled to run automatically - or it can be started from the user interface. (see Treasury Management Software Matching)
Matching Rules Includes all the matching rules that a typical disbursement, depository or payroll account would need, such as check cleared-to-check issued , check issued-to-check voided, and non-check bank to non-check internal.
Matching Field (alphanumeric) While a check number is typically used in financial applications - in some depository or non-financial reconciliations, an alphanumeric matching field is required. The value in the matching field can be either unique or non-unique (for many-to-many matching).
Many to Many Matching The check number or matching field can be used in a many-to-many matching scenario.
Credit Card Match credit cards based on amount, credit card type, site (if used) and a date range.
Manual Matching The Manual Matching window provides a list of both unmatched bank and unmatched internal records in a grid format - providing a point and click interface to match remaining records, if any, after the ATM process.
Audit Trail Both the Automated Transaction Matching, as well as the Manual Matching window, provide for a unique audit trail number to track all of the members/records in a match.
Risk Assessment For the records which remain unmatched, a detailed explanation is provided as to why they did not match - allowing you to follow up based upon exposure and your own internal risk assessment. Explanations include (among others):
--Check cleared bank, no G/L record
--Check cleared more than once
--Missing Deposit
--Deposit in Transit
--Outstanding Check
--Unrecorded bank withdrawal
--Amount on issued check differs from amount voided.
Minimizes 'False Positives' Whenever possible, we recommend using a unique identifier, such as a check number or serially encoded deposit slip to eliminate false matches. If a unique number is not available, we provide the user with the tools / fields to assign as many attributes as possible to the record. Increasing attributes / characteristics assigned to a transaction will increase the true match percentage.
Custom matching rules Need a custom matching rule? We can help. Please contact our development department.
Period match information When matched, the date of the offset record's transaction date is recorded. This allows for historical reporting by period (see Reporting - Historical)
Treasury Management ImportingImporting Data  
Fully integrated with all major accounting, payroll, billing and industry-specific packages Bank Reconciliation is installed at your location, not an Internet site, and therefore can be fully integrated and automated with your existing system.
Single Entry and Batch File Import All transactions can be imported in batch, or entered manually.
Universal Importer Bank Reconciliation can import from virtually any accounting, payroll or billing package. It can import from Excel, Access, comma delimited text files (csv) or fixed width text files.
Copy and paste from Excel In addition to performing a 'traditional' file import, you can 'Copy and Paste' directly from Excel.
Historical data When converting from a legacy system, Bank Reconciliation enables you to import unmatched historical data - such as outstanding checks, deposits in transit and other unreconciled internal and bank records
BAI Files Import BAI files directly into your bank records, or use our utility, BAI2Excel, to convert BAI files for third party systems.
Multiple templates Create and save multiple import templates for your data sources. For example - credit card deposits may be in one format, yet fees may be in another. Bank Reconciliation remembers each setting.
Treasury Management Software ReportingReporting  
Full reporting capability, with Export to Excel and HTML Export industry standard reports, as well as user ad hoc reports to the screen, printer, Excel or HTML.
Standard and date sensitive reports (historical reporting) By capturing date/period information at the time of a match, the user can run simple 'current' reports, as well as historical reports. For example, a check issued in January 2006, but not cleared until April 2006, will of course show as outstanding when running January, February and March. However, if at year end 2006, the auditors want a list of outstanding checks by month - simply run a period sensitive report to obtain the same results.
Treasury Management Solutions for multi-unitsSite enabled for Payroll Processing and Multi-unit location entities
Tracking Using the Bank Reconciliation Import Wizard, map the site or client number. The value will be available for all processes including Automated Transaction Matching (ATM), the Manual Matching Window and various reports.
Automated Transaction Matching (ATM) When a site number is provided, this is automatically added as a criteria in the matching process.
Manual Matching For quick filtering by site (only showing records from a specific site) - a point and click drop down box of your site numbers is available
Treasury Management CCMerchant Account ID enabled for Credit Card Accounts
Extract embedded Merchant ID from bank text field Traditionally, credit card deposits contain the merchant account ID within an embedded text field. The Credit Card module enables the user to extract this data and use the merchant ID for other purposes.
Merchant ID to site lookup table One of the most common uses of an extracted merchant ID number is to convert it to a site number - this is what is often recorded on the general ledger data.
Four-attribute matching rule Four attributes are used as criteria when matching credit card deposits:
--days range (# between internal and bank)
--credit card type
--site number
Manual Match sort by Credit Card Type / Site When in the Manual Matching window, quickly sort based on credit card type and or site number.
Quick Import of Merchant Numbers Populate the merchant number to site table quickly and easily with a basic import. If you prefer, you can manually add, or maintain the records one at a time.
Treasury Management SecruitySecurity  
Full audit trails A full audit trail is created for each record - from import through matching.
Password The application can be 'locked down' at the desktop access level with built-in security.
SQL Server For maximum database level security, we highly recommend our SQL Server version, which enables you to apply your own corporate security policies.
Follow up notes field Though the data is 'locked down' to preserve an audit trail, you can enter notes in the follow up field. This feature is typically used to indicate progress on unreconciled items or to delegate in a multi-user environment.
User Level Access Control Enables administrators to grant/revoke access to the various features of Bank Reconciliation.  Excellent tool for enterprise-wide installations where segregation of duties is crucial.
Treasury Management Multi-UserMulti-user/Platform
Multi-user Capability Using the SQL Server and Citrix platform, multi-user access is available.
Remote Access - Citrix 'Off-site' and enterprise-wide solutions are available using Citrix MetaFrame server.
Easy Steps - Help A highly intuitive program layout guides your users to complete the task at hand. In addition, context sensitive help is available at every step.
Archive/Restore - Advanced Cleanup records to an archive database. Unique archive feature - research can be performed directly on the archive file. You do not need to restore it to the original source file.
Treasury Management AutomationAutomation  
Control Panel to manage multiple accounts Manage import files, Automated Transaction Matching (ATM), and network backup files (desktop) at a glance.
Command line interface Advanced command line interface allows you to specify the source file. This feature is used when automating/triggering the process from a third party software package.
Built-in scheduler to automate processes Automate selected processes from the Control Panel for unattended execution.
Custom Import Menus Automate importing of groups of files into one or more accounts for processing. Afterwards, the imported files can be automatically moved to another directory for proper archiving and preserving the audit trail. The 'point and click' interface eliminates the vast majority of custom work needed to be performed for a fully automated solution. See Treasury Management Software Solutions - Automation
Treasury Management PlatformSystem Platform/Custom Solutions
Periods - Months or user defined Default to months - or define your corporate fiscal periods.
Platform for Custom Solutions Custom Solutions are available. For more information about Treasury Software's Custom Management Solutions.
One Click Updates Updates can be obtained directly from the main menu of Bank Reconciliation.
Treasury Management BanksFor Banks (they're our clients, too):
Reverse Positive Pay Enables your customers to match bank provided data, such as presented or cleared items - against the customer's own internal records.

The following matching features are limited by edition:
Site matching - in Site edition and above
Credit Card matching - in Credit Card edition

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