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CCD - Cash Concentration or Disbursement

Cash Concentration or Disbursement can be either an ACH credit or debit where funds are transferred between corporate entities.

The format can support a limited amount of payment related data with the funds transfer while also being capable of a stand-alone funds transfer.

If you can create this report ....

.... ACH Universal™ can produce this for you:

We provide comprehensive default features and fields that you can use -or override- at any time. With ACH Universal™, you have full control of every field in the ACH-NACHA formatted file.

In addition, you can easily create profiles for your customers, employees and vendors which store detailed information - similar to a payroll package's employee profile that contains name, address, tax information.

-- Or --

If your accounting package, billing system or in-house solution allows you to prepare reports with account numbers and ABA routing numbers, you can simply import a single file that looks like this:

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