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ACH Universal

Create an Account


Open Treasury Software and the Welcome New Users page will load. Select the Option for “ACH Universal."

Welcome New Users

Create Account

The first thing you want to do is to create a New Account for your work.  Click File>New Account.

Important - Any data saved in the 'Sample'  account will be reset, as it synchronizes with the tutorial.  It is advisable to work in a new, "Test" account that is set up rather than the Sample account.


Select the option to “Create an Account and Add it to your Catalog” and click Next.

New account


Enter a name for the Account. This name is strictly internal and should help you identify the purpose of the account. For example,if you are using ACH Universal for payroll, you might name the account Payroll.  Once the name is entered, click Next.

New account2


Congratulations! You have finished creating the account. Click Finish to begin using this Account.



Next Step

If you have your account information from your bank, you can enter it now at ACH Setup.
However, you can create ACH files for internal testing without this information.

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