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SQL Express platform

Get SQL-like efficiency at a fraction of the price by using Treasury Software on the SQL Express platform.

Treasury Software SQL Express products consist of two InstallShield files, both under 30 MB in size.
--Client InstallShield (installs Treasury Software)
--Server InstallShield (installs the SQL Express database engine).

Select one of the workstations to act as the server, and run the server install file to install Microsoft SQL Server Express database software. This software is distributed without charge.

Then the client software is installed on each workstation that needs access to the Treasury Software product, including the server. During the workstation configuration, the user will point to the server using a three step Wizard-based setup.

The SQL Express version enables users to share data in a true multi-user environment. While the data is protected by SQL Server security and access is limited to the workstations, there is no ability to apply role-level permissions/restrictions within the workstations with access.

The Server
The workstation designated as the the server should be backed up regularly. Depending on the workload and the number of records processed, the user at the server workstation may be impacted and experience delays when others are processing records.

If the impact of processing is too great on the user at the server workstation, we recommend migrating to the full SQL Server platform. Note: As part of the sensitivity of this issue, SQL Express platforms are limited to 5 users.

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