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Bank Positive Pay™ Features

Treasury Software's Bank Positive Pay™ provides an automated, secure, easy-to-use solution with a wide range of unique features:

Ready to Post
Create issue files 'ready to post' to your bank, automatically and error-free. The issue file created can be in a fixed width text format (most common) or in a delimited format.

Express Setup Code
Although all banks require the same basic information, the order and format of data are specific to each financial institution. We maintain a comprehensive library of positive pay formats. Please contact us for your bank's unique express setup code.

Free Phone Support
It can be intimidating to work with a new and unfamiliar formats and transmission processes. Our U.S.- based support team provides free phone support to get you up-and-running quickly and easily. Optional support is also available after 90 days.

Multiple Accounts - Scheduler for Automation
Bank Positive Pay can accommodate an unlimited number of bank accounts. In addition, you can manage and automate your accounts from its built-in Control Panel - complete with an automated scheduler.

Account Independent
Each account maintains its own settings, including those for import and transmission. You can automate and standardize between accounts and their file formats. This is useful when A/P check data comes from an in-house source, yet payroll is prepared in a different format by a payroll processor.

Bank Independent
Create and transmit issue files to an unlimited number of banks.

Integration with Accounting, Payroll, Billing and Industry-Specific packages

Bank Positive Pay is installed at your location, not an internet site, and therefore can be fully integrated and automated with your existing system.

Encryption - PGP Security
Encrypt and sign your file with industry standard PGP encryption. Includes all PGP versions 7.x and 8.x (current).

Advanced Internet Security Transmission Features

Includes SSL (Secure Socket Layers), custom port address, firewall - local and remote.

Full Audit Trails
A full audit trail is created for each record - from import to transmission.

Single Entry and Batch Import
Check records can be imported in batch, or entered manually

Import Process
Automatically populates 'special' fields such as :
• Void check / Issue check indicator
• Cancellation Field

Advanced Import Features Include:
Multi-line data imports - for accounting systems (QuickBooks, Best Software) which generate check reports with the same check number on multiple lines - by invoice.

Void Check Indicator - Use the sign (positive/negative, debit/credit) or any text, such as a 'V' or '*' identifying it. The text can be in a separate field, or embedded within the check number - preceding or trailing.

Multiple Dynamic Headers and Footers
Multiple levels of headers and footers are available to include totals, record counts, hash totals and transmission dates to help identify and validate files.

Account Reconcilement - Support for other Treasury Management Services
Transmit the period the transaction is associated with, along with the 'Interim' vs. 'Final' indicator.
Advanced features include:
• Support for nonstandard/user-defined periods.

System Platform Features (All Treasury Software Products):

Universal Importer
Bank Positive Pay can import from virtually any accounting, payroll or billing package. It can import from Excel, Access, comma delimited text files (csv) or fixed width text files.

Copy and Paste from Excel

In addition to performing a 'traditional' file import, you can 'Copy and Paste' directly from Excel into Bank Positive Pay.

Multi-user Capability
Using the SQL Server, Citrix platform, or SQL Express, multi-user access is available.

Remote Access - Citrix
'Off-site' and enterprise-wide solutions are available using Citrix MetaFrame server.

Easy Steps - Help
A highly intuitive program layout will guide your users to complete the task at hand. In addition, context sensitive help is available at every step.

The application can be 'locked down' at the desktop access level by enabling built-in security features.

For maximum database level security, we highly recommend our SQL Server version, which enables you to apply your own corporate security policies.

Transmit via FTP, E-mail, Web, or 3rd Party Software (modem)
Transmit issue files automatically and unattended via FTP, e-mail and modem (modem software not included). For web transfers, allow Bank Positive Pay to open an Internet Browser directly to the login page of the bank web portal and prompt your user to upload.

Archive/Restore - Advanced
Cleanup records to an archive database. Unique archive feature - research can be performed directly on the archive file. You do not need to restore it to the original source file.

One Click Updates
Updates can be obtained directly from the main menu of Bank Positive Pay.

Full Reporting Capability, with Export to Excel and HTML

Bank Positive Pay can export industry standard reports, as well as user ad hoc reports to the screen, printer, Excel or HTML.

One-Click Retransmit
Regardless of the reason (Internet connection down, bank lost file, etc.), you can retransmit the exact file again with one click.

E-mail notification - Positive Pay File Sent
Notify yourself, your colleagues, your bank contact, anyone - that a file was transmitted.

Control Panel to Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage import files, positive pay file creation, and network backup files (desktop) at a glance.

Built-in Scheduler to Automate Processes
Automate selected processes from the Control Panel for unattended execution.

Custom Import Menus
Automate importing of groups of files into one or more accounts for processing. Afterwards, the imported files can be automatically moved to another directory for proper archiving and preserving the audit trail.
The 'point and click' interface eliminates the vast majority of custom work needed to be performed for a fully automated solution.

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